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Making Your Parent’s Bathroom More Accessible in Kitchen and Bath Month

Elderly Care in Turnersville NJ: Making Your Parent's Bathroom More Accessible in Kitchen and Bath Month

Elderly Care in Turnersville NJ: Making Your Parent’s Bathroom More Accessible in Kitchen and Bath Month

Accessibility becomes a serious issue for many older adults as they age. Physical challenges and limitations can make it more difficult for them to navigate spaces and utilize them effectively in the ways they once did. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also put them in danger. Making their spaces more accessible is about addressing the issues they have, modifying spaces to make them more usable for your parents, and promoting independence and autonomy that is good for their mental emotional health, as well as their motivation as they move forward through their later years. October is Kitchen and Bath month. This is the perfect chance for you to evaluate your senior’s home, and make sure it is accessible for them to utilize on a regular basis. Rooms such as the bathroom are vital to daily functioning, but can also be challenging for a senior struggling with mobility issues, low vision, and other challenges. Simple modifications can make the room more accessible, and more functional, for your parent.

Use these tips to make your parent’s bathroom more accessible:

  • Clear the space. Your parent should be able to move through the space easily and comfortably. If they use a mobility aid, they should be able to use it just as easily here. This means if there are items in the bathroom that impede your parent’s movement, they should be removed, or reorganized.
  • Add a chair. Standing for long periods can be difficult for an elderly adult. Help to make it easier for them to handle tasks such as brushing their teeth by adding a chair or bench that can be brought to the counter. This lets them sit down while they do these tasks, staying more comfortable and safer.
  • Remove cabinet doors. Opening a cabinet to take out toiletries can be challenging for a senior with balance, mobility, dexterity, or arthritis problems. Removing the doors makes items more easily accessible. If the door is the only source of a mirror, consider adding a mirror to the wall, or using a countertop version.
  • Elevate the toilet. Shortening the distance your parent has to sit or stand to use the toilet can make a tremendous difference in their sense of comfort and confidence. ADA toilets are elevated to make it easier for your parent to use safely and effectively.

Staying in their own home during their aging years is a priority for most older adults, as their family caregiver, you may be concerned that your senior is unable to remain in their home due to their challenges and limitations. Particularly if they are suffering from mobility issues or other such challenges, you may worry they are not capable of caring for themselves, or staying safe on their own. This can be the perfect opportunity to start elder care for them. Having a home care provider is a way for your parent to manage their challenges in the ways that are right for them, while staying safe and comfortable in their own space. From physical support and assistance while navigating the home, to modifying household tasks, to help with personal care needs, this care provider will offer customized designed specifically to help your parent cope with their challenges and age in place.

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Andrew Dubler

Home to Stay Health Care Solutions (H2S) is a solutions minded, non-medical home care company enabling seniors and disabled members of our community to stay at home.
Home to Stay Senior Care Solutions is owned and operated by the Dubler and Skole Families and was started because of experiences they had with their own Families. In one situation Mom was living alone and had a fall. It was not until this fall that the family realized they were unprepared.

When it was time for their Mom to come home, she needed companion and personal care to assist her and prevent another accident. Like most people in this situation, they were confused and did not know where to go for help. It was this life-changing experience that lead to starting a home care company that is focused on enabling those who wish to stay at home and age in place.
Andrew Dubler