Kitchen Storage Ideas That Make It Easier for a Parent Who Struggles With Balance 2020

Kitchen Storage Ideas That Make It Easier for a Parent Who Struggles With Balance

It’s estimated that about 25 percent of seniors in the U.S. will fall in a year’s time. The National Committee on Aging reports that the cost of medical treatments for these falls will top $67 billion in two years. While bathrooms are one of the leading areas where falls occur, it’s not the most common area. Three other rooms take the top three spots.

In information gathered by the National Health Interview Survey, about 5 out of 10 falls occur in an elderly person’s home. Of those falls, the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are the three most common areas for a fall to occur.

Falls in the kitchen usually occur when a senior tries to get something that’s just out of reach. Here are storage tips that help reduce the risk of a fall in the kitchen.

Move Commonly Used Appliances to an Accessible Area

Rather than put all small appliances in a cupboard, leave the regularly used appliances in an easy-to-access location. If your parent uses the toaster every morning, leave the toaster on the counter. If the blender is used several times a week, leave it out.

If you cannot leave items on the counters, put them in a cupboard that’s at eye level. Avoid having your parent forced to bend over and risk getting dizzy or climb onto a stool or ladder.

Install Pull-out Storage

When possible, put pull-out storage in the cabinets that sit under the counter. Instead of having to bend over and reach into the cabinet, your mom or dad can pull the sliding tray out and get what is needed. There are organizers designed for pots and pans, small appliances, trash and recycling containers, and spices.

Clear Clutter

Make sure there is no clutter in the kitchen that increases the risk of a fall. If there’s a decorative rug that slides around, it needs to go. If your mom or dad really wants the rug, apply slip-proof backing to keep it from slipping.

Check the floor for other obstacles. A pet dish in an open area can lead to a fall. Spilled water can make a floor slippery. Items that could get kicked are also a hazard. If your parents leave things like brooms, jugs of water, or cases of soda on the floor, find a safer place to store them.

Arrange Elderly Care Services to Help With Kitchen Chores

If your parent is prone to falling in the kitchen, you could eliminate a lot of the risk by having a caregiver around. When your mom or dad wants to cook a meal, a caregiver is there to get items, help them chop foods, and carry a meal through to the dining room or breakfast nook.

Caregivers help with a range of household chores, transportation needs, and reminders. Learn more about elderly care services in your area by making a quick phone call.


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Andrew Dubler