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How to Commit to Self-care as a Family Caregiver

Elderly Care in Mt. Laurel NJ

Elderly Care in Mt. Laurel NJOften when family caregivers start to feel really stressed, they start to realize that they’re neglecting their own self-care. But how can you figure out what you really need to do for self-care and, most importantly, how do you stick with it?

Make a List of the Essential Self-care Activities for You

Everyone has certain activities that they know that they must do in order to feel their best. These can include:

  • Sleeping for at least 8 hours every night
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day
  • Limiting soda or other caffeine in the afternoon
  • Getting up by a certain time
  • Seeing a therapist
  • Petting the dog or cat
  • Keeping doctor’s appointments
  • Exercising

Spending time with the people you love

You may have some similar self-care activities or yours might be completely different. The important part is to write down everything that makes a huge difference to you in how you feel and how you function on a daily basis. These are the activities that, when you don’t do them or you neglect them, you regret it later.

Determine How Often You Need to Do Each Activity

Some of the activities on your list you might only need to do now and again, like getting a manicure. Others, like eating healthy foods, are activities that you benefit from on a daily basis. Go through your list and make a note next to each one that indicates how often you should be doing that activity. Some might only be on an “as needed” basis, so you can note that as well.

Create a Reminder System for Yourself

The next step is to figure out how to remind yourself to do these activities. Some people like a chart that they can keep on the wall that helps them track each activity. Other people use planners or organizers that they carry around with them every day. Still others like to use the calendar and reminders features in their smartphones. Find a system that works best for you and put the data you’ve collected into it.

Start Slowly and Remain Consistent

Once you have a list and a reminder system, it’s important to get started using it. You don’t have to be perfect right out of the gate, but it’s essential that you at least make an effort. Keep going with your own self-care and make it a consistent habit.

If you need extra help keeping yourself accountable, try working with a friend or with your loved one’s elderly care providers to help you stay on target.

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Andrew Dubler

Home to Stay Health Care Solutions (H2S) is a solutions minded, non-medical home care company enabling seniors and disabled members of our community to stay at home.
Home to Stay Senior Care Solutions is owned and operated by the Dubler and Skole Families and was started because of experiences they had with their own Families. In one situation Mom was living alone and had a fall. It was not until this fall that the family realized they were unprepared.

When it was time for their Mom to come home, she needed companion and personal care to assist her and prevent another accident. Like most people in this situation, they were confused and did not know where to go for help. It was this life-changing experience that lead to starting a home care company that is focused on enabling those who wish to stay at home and age in place.
Andrew Dubler