Caregivers in Woolwich Township NJ: What Are Some Excellent Ways to Put More Family Photos Around for Your Elderly Loved One?

Caregivers in Woolwich Township NJ: What Are Some Excellent Ways to Put More Family Photos Around for Your Elderly Loved One?

As your loved one’s family caregiver, you probably want to find ways to keep other family members in her mind a little more often. One of the easiest ways to do that is by using photos around her home.

Have Personalized Calendars Made

Personalized calendars used to be complicated to have made, but they’re easier than ever now. You can choose which pictures you want to include, what sizes you want them to be, and you can even label each picture with information about who’s in it. This is a great gift for your elderly loved one every year because you can constantly keep updating the pictures you use and you have a consistent place to put appointments. Plus the pictures are new every month just by flipping the page.

Put Photos in Frames and Label Them

Putting pictures in frames isn’t a novel idea, of course, but when you do, you might want to include a label for each photo. That way your loved one can easily see information about the location, the people, and anything else that’s interesting about the picture. You can put these in every room of the house, making a gallery out of the entire house.

Leave Photo Albums Open

If your loved one has photo albums, you might want to consider using them on the coffee table more often. You can leave them open to fresh pages every day. If the albums aren’t labeled, then this is a good project for you and your elderly loved one to tackle together. Some people find a plain photo album a little boring for this kind of usage and if that’s the case for your loved one, you might want to try making a scrapbook with the images together.

Change Photos out Every Few Weeks

One way to make sure that you’re including everyone that your loved one cares about, it’s a good idea to change out the photos every few weeks if you can. This helps to keep walls and surfaces from looking and feeling too cluttered, too.

Look for other ways to include more family photos in your elderly loved one’s life naturally.

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Andrew Dubler