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Home Care Services in Cherry Hill, NJ – National Honesty Day is April 30th

Home Care Services in Cherry Hill, NJThe first time Jill realized her aging mother was having difficulty taking care of herself at home, she didn’t know what to say. The last thing she wanted to do was tell her mother she could no longer take care of herself. Jill also knew her mother would never move in with her, even though she didn’t live all that far away.

Her mother was a fiercely independent woman and would have difficulty admitting to anybody else she needed help. Jill began stopping by more frequently to check in with her and support her anyway she could, but while the topic of home care services had been a significant part of her life with her husband, friends, and even coworkers as she tried to figure out what to do, she still couldn’t bring herself to mention it to her mother.

The major concern many family members have.

Jill’s situation is not that dissimilar to many other people across the country. For Jill, she was concerned that her mother would flat out deny any attempt to assist her, especially hiring a professional in-home care provider.

If she mentioned the prospect of home care to her mother, she was concerned her mother would get angry, not want to talk to her again for a while, and might not even invite her into the house for several weeks or longer. Her mother was very temperamental and could hold a grudge for a long time.

So Jill pretty much covered up the truth about why she was stopping by on a regular basis. Her mother seemed concerned that Jill’s marriage might be in trouble, that she lost her job, or that she was facing some financial hardship and wasn’t willing to openly talk about it just yet.

National Honesty Day is April 30th and there could be a number of reasons why people like Jill avoid being completely honest with their elderly loved ones, especially when they see various risk factors increasing, but trying to cover up things, not be open and honest, can actually be detrimental to the senior and the person carrying on the deception.

For the most part, people want to protect their loved ones. For Jill, knowing her mother might react a certain way (or thinking she would) caused her to be less than honest. However, this was actually placing Jill’s mother at increased risk for injuries. Because Jill wouldn’t be able to stop by on a regular basis or anything resembling consistency, her mother would be at the mercy of her own abilities and any potential slip and fall accidents that could occur.

The best advice is to be honest. Jill should sit down with her mother and explain her concerns in a reasonable fashion. It’s also important for family members to realize their elderly loved ones have every right to decide the course of their care. Jill’s mother could certainly refuse to rely on a caregiver, but the more information Jill gathered about those type of home care services, the more likely she would be able to convince her mother this is the best thing to do at that time.

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Andrew Dubler

Home to Stay Health Care Solutions (H2S) is a solutions minded, non-medical home care company enabling seniors and disabled members of our community to stay at home.
Home to Stay Senior Care Solutions is owned and operated by the Dubler and Skole Families and was started because of experiences they had with their own Families. In one situation Mom was living alone and had a fall. It was not until this fall that the family realized they were unprepared.

When it was time for their Mom to come home, she needed companion and personal care to assist her and prevent another accident. Like most people in this situation, they were confused and did not know where to go for help. It was this life-changing experience that lead to starting a home care company that is focused on enabling those who wish to stay at home and age in place.
Andrew Dubler