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Caregivers-in-Mt.-Laurel-NJIf you are like many family caregivers for elderly adults, you likely cannot imagine going a day without having your mobile devices. These devices, from your smartphone to your tablet, help you organize and stay connected throughout your caregiver journey, and make sure that you can keep up with not only your elderly loved ones, but also your children, your partner, and even your work. Even if you are completely comfortable with your devices, it is likely that your seniors are not as comfortable with them or their use. Using mobile devices can make living as independently as possible easier for your aging loved ones, but it is important to instruct them how to use these devices properly so that you can make the most of the benefits of your mobile devices while still being courteous of the people around you.

Use these tips to ensure that you and your aging loved ones use the appropriate mobile device etiquette throughout your caregiver journey:

• Control your volume. There are few things more aggravating when out in a public place than being forced to listen to the mobile devices of other people. Whether it is a person who is talking too loudly or a streaming movie with the volume cranked up to the maximum volume, having a mobile device that is too loud is rude, and makes you or your elderly loved ones more vulnerable to dangerous situations because you cannot hear what is going on around you.

• Stay social. If you are in a social situation, your mobile devices should not be involved. You should not answer or make a phone call, send or read text messages, or send or receive emails when engaging with others at gathering such as meetings, parties, or meals unless it is a distinctly urgent situation.

• Avoid aimless use. With the entire world at your fingertips with a mobile device, it is easy to use it as a crutch and play with it aimlessly when there is a lull in conversation, you are waiting in a waiting room, or even when you are sitting in traffic. Avoid this type of use as it disengages you with your loved ones and can lead to feelings of disconnection and neglect, while also taking your attention away from them so that you possibly do not notice when there is a potentially dangerous moment.

• Avoid public use. There is an overwhelming consensus among adults that it is inappropriate to use mobile devices in public settings such as on public transportation, in restaurants, in movie theaters, or while standing in line. Respect these guidelines and realize that not only do the sounds from your device interfere with the people around you, but it can be off-putting for your elderly adults to see you using the phone in these situations, making them less likely to utilize their devices when it would be valuable for them.

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Andrew Dubler

Home to Stay Health Care Solutions (H2S) is a solutions minded, non-medical home care company enabling seniors and disabled members of our community to stay at home.
Home to Stay Senior Care Solutions is owned and operated by the Dubler and Skole Families and was started because of experiences they had with their own Families. In one situation Mom was living alone and had a fall. It was not until this fall that the family realized they were unprepared.

When it was time for their Mom to come home, she needed companion and personal care to assist her and prevent another accident. Like most people in this situation, they were confused and did not know where to go for help. It was this life-changing experience that lead to starting a home care company that is focused on enabling those who wish to stay at home and age in place.
Andrew Dubler