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In-Home Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Cherry Hill - Camden County Memory Care Services

The Cherry Hill area’s only certified provider of the AlzBetter method of in-home care for seniors.

We believe that people with dementia still have feelings, desires, wants and needs, which is why we offer the best Alzheimers & Dementia care in Cherry Hill & Camden County. By creating a predictable day filled with essential tasks required for daily living and meaningful activities which match their current level of dementia, they can live much happier and fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own home with our trusted Alzheimers & Dementia care specialists.
Our Philosophy:
  • Treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • Create a day that is enjoyable and provides meaning and purpose. By having them participate in essential activities (eating, bathing, toileting etc.) along with productive and wellness activities (when appropriate), it builds self esteem and allows the person to feel as though they can still participate in life. These positive feelings contribute to an overall level of satisfaction which reduces behavior problems and leads to an overall happier person.
  • Our assessment is incredibly detailed and goes all the way back to a person’s childhood in order to come up with activities which offer the right amount of stimulation and are of interest to the participants. We don’t force them to do activities which are too difficult, too child-like or have no interest to them.
  • Constantly monitor the progress of the disease so that we can adapt daily tasks and activities to be appropriate for current level of dementia.
  • Realize that there are often root causes to problematic behaviors rather than simply blaming it on the disease. We attempt to figure out these causes and come up with solutions which address the problems. This can often lead to less need for medication, restraints or institutionalization.

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